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State of the Apple Trample

Results from past Apple Trample Races

Welcome to the Fall Race season, 2009! The last couple of years have seen explosive growth in racing in the area. As you can see in the graph below, the last couple of years, the Apple Trample 5K has had a huge increase in runners.


So much so that we’ve had a hard time keeping up!!!

I’m so glad to see so many people being active, getting outside and being part of the community. And to continue to encourage being active and participating in local activities, we even have a new race in the area. Two weeks before the Apple Trample, the Freedom Run, offering distances from 5K to 26.2, miles will be run in Shepherdstown. So I expect to see everyone at both races.

As for the Apple Trample, to be able to keep up with all the runners, this year, we are having the race Chip Timed. For those of you unfamiliar with races; to be able to time the race and determine the order of finish, we either have to pull tabs off of your race bid at the finish (like the Apple Trample), or hand out index cards for you to fill out at the finish (like the Veterans Day 5K). But with more and more people, those methods become more and more cumbersome. But with Chip Timing, all you have to do is tie a small yellow chip (about the size of a quarter) onto your shoe and just run across the finish. Your time and order of finish is automatically determined. No index cards, no pull tabs and more importantly, no back-ups at the finish!!

I’m excited to be able to offer this to the runners of the Apple Trample 5K, and with the responsibility of timing the race taken care of, I am also excited because I will be able to run with you!!!

Can’t wait to see you at the start,
Brian White