About the Apple Trample

The Apple Trample is a great 5K event for first-time walkers and competitive runners who want to set a new personal record. The Apple Trample is a USATF certified course that follows a gentle rolling terrain and finishes on the track at Cobourn field with spectators in the stands.

The 2016 Apple Trample will lead off with the walkers with their own self-timed event starting at 10:30 AM. Walkers will have an hour to make it to the finish line. Once you cross the finish line, step into the stands and watch the runners fight it out for the 2016 Apple Trample 1st place finish. You will also have a great view to watch the age group winners strive for the finish. After you finish visit the Finisher’s 5k Red Carpet Photo Booth. 3MI Photography will be taking free pictures and all pictures will be uploaded to AppleTrample.com for you to copy for free.

The 10:30 “Walkers” group is a non-competitive, participation event, that is not officially timed and not available for awards. The 11:30 “Runners” group is a competitive, timed event, to complete the 5K as best you can; run, walk or roll, and is officially time and available for age group awards.

Special features for this year’s Apple Trample include: Official Finisher’s Red Carpet Photo, Apple Trample T-shirt, Race Bag, Bag Check-in Service, Shuttle Service and complimentary race photos on the Apple Trample website.